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Jewelry Consignment

Jewelry consignment can be a tricky prospect. Get in with the wrong sales people and you could end up with LESS than the real value of your items. Don’t get an appraisal on your merchandise, and you won’t know what to ask for. Other, less reputable jewelers may even give you a false number just to increase their percentage.

At Mayers Jewelers, we think that is just wrong. You are a valued customer and your time, and your jewelry, is worth more. We think you should get the best price possible for your high-quality pieces, and that is exactly what we deliver.

Our professional jewelry consignment operation works out the best price WITH you and takes a small percentage so we can continue do our jobs well. We accept 14k white/yellow gold, 18k white/yellow gold, platinum, colored gemstones, strings of pearls, estate jewelry, and more. Anything that you think will do well in today’s market, please bring it in to us and let us take a look.

Mayer's Jewelry - Consignment

Have a piece that you want redesigned for sale? Our master goldsmith will help you to reinvent your existing jewelry with unique, beautiful accents then we’ll put in on the market for our network of very interested buyers.

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