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Gold & Silver Buying

Online companies and questionable operations promise easy money for your gold and silver. “Just slip it into the bag” they say, “and you’ll get your cash tomorrow!” Sound too good to be true? That’s because it is.

When you deal with those kinds of purchasing companies, you may not be getting the full value of your goods, or anything at all! Those companies build their businesses on bait-and-switch tactics that mislead customers and mishandle their customers goods all the time.


Mayers Jewelers does things differently.

Here, we provide a professional, honest experience from start to finish. Whether onsite at your home, or offsite with our experts, we identify all the precious metals you have and individually detail everything just for you. Quality, weight, price per piece, karats – there are no mysteries with us because we’ve built our business on total customer satisfaction and glowing referrals.

Mayers works with residents, schools, and businesses across San Mateo County, CA, including the YMCA, and other non-profits. There is no minimum or maximum when purchasing your gold and silver, and we work on Saturdays so you can use your free time to get the best buying experience possible.

Mayer's Jewelry - Silver Gold

For more information about your gold and silver experience at Mayers, or to schedule your personal appointment with us, please call us at 650-364-4030.