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Jewelry Appraisal

Jewelry appraisals are essential in today’s society. People own countless treasures made from gold, silver, platinum, and precious stones. The problem is they have no idea how much they are worth! This scenario can be a nightmare when trying to fairly divide up assets from wills and estates.

However, if you have the appraisal services of trained industry experts, you can get everything assessed properly! Done right, you’ll learn the exact industry value of your jewelry, watches, and valuable metals, and potentially get exactly what’s owed to you and then some.

And that’s where Mayers can help!

Mayers Jewelers has been conducting professional jewelry appraisals for more than 40 years. We specialize in a number of appraisal categories, including:

Mayer's Jewelry - Appraisals
  • Estate appraisals for deceased or divorced persons
  • Deposit box content appraisals
  • Legal appraisals of all types
  • Police property rooms
  • Commercial appraisals
  • Private appraisals
  • And more…
Mayer's Jewelry - Appraisal

Mayers will meet with you personally, discuss all your appraisal options, and handle all the paperwork for you for the most ease and convenience. Everything is typed and easy to read. Everything is official, and every one of our dedicated staff members will always be able to explain the complete value of everything.

Need a house call at a private residence? Schedule your appointment. We’ll be there. Want a commercial appraisal for your business items? No problem! Mayers has the mobile experts you need to get the most professional service, anytime you need it.

Service areas: San Mateo County & All Mid Peninsula

For more information about our appraisals, or to schedule service with us, contact Mayers Jewelers at 650-364-4030